AAA Grandfathering Memo

Grandfathering Memo for 2024-2025

Date: June 1, 2024

To: Coaches, Players, and Parents

From: Clifton Dorge, Hockey Winnipeg, Vice-President AAA Hockey
Mike Segal, Hockey Winnipeg, Vice-President AA Hockey

Re: Grandfathered Zone Alignment for the 2024-2025 Season

As we approach the start of a new hockey season, we want to inform you about an important decision regarding our zone alignment policy. After considerable discussions and feedback from our community, the board has decided to implement a grandfathered zone alignment for the upcoming season for the U17/U18 AAA categories only.  This memo will outline what this means to Hockey Winnipeg AAA/AA programs and how it will be applied.

Grandfathered zone alignment means that players who have previously registered and participated in teams within a specific zone for U17/U18 AAA teams only will be allowed to continue playing in their current zones, despite any changes that may have been made to zone boundaries.

  1. Purpose of the Grandfathered Zone Alignment
  • Stability for Players and Families: Ensuring that players can stay with their current teams promotes stability and continuity. This is especially beneficial for young athletes who have already established relationships with their teammates and coaches.
  • Reduced Disruptions: Making immediate changes to zone alignments could disrupt training, team dynamics, and negatively impact player development. A grandfathered approach minimizes these disruptions.
  • Fair Transition: It ensures a fair transition period as we adapt to any new zone boundaries, providing time for players, families, and coaches to adjust to the changes gradually.


  1. Impact and Implementation
  • Current Players: Any U17/U18 AAA player who has been registered and played within a specific zone in the previous season can continue to play in that same zone for the 2024-2025 season. Players in the U15AAA category will need to return to their home zone for the upcoming season, based on the new zone alignments detailed in section IV.
  • New Registrations: New players will be registered according to the newly established zone boundaries as noted in section IV.
  • Duration: The grandfathered alignment will be in place for the duration of the upcoming season, and potentially beyond, depending on further evaluations and community feedback.
  • Transfers: Any requests for transferring zones under the grandfathered policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis, ensuring fairness and transparency.


  • Next Steps

For Players, Coaches and Parents:

  • Verify your assigned zone for the upcoming season by visiting our website or by reviewing the zone alignment section below.
  • If there are any concerns or questions regarding your zone assignment, please reach out to Ben Blankstein, Hockey Winnipeg Program Director at (204) 784-5454 or via email
  • Further information will be provided to everyone involved once all grandfathered players situations have been reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Zone Alignments

The following agreed upon zone alignments for the 2024-2025 AAA and AA season are based on your home address and area association registrations.  The zones are as follows:

  • Bruins– St Vital Minor Hockey Association (SVMHA), St Boniface Minor Hockey Association (SBMHA), Transcona Minor Hockey Association (TMHA)
  • Thrashers– River East Minor Hockey Association (REMHA), Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association (LSMHA), Seven Oaks Minor Hockey Association (SOMHA), St James Minor Hockey Association (SJMHA)
  • Wild– Assiniboine Park Hockey Association (APHA), Fort Garry North Hockey Association (FGNHA), South Winnipeg Hockey Association (SWHA)


  1. Conclusion

We believe that the grandfathered zone alignment will benefit our association as a whole by offering stability and a fair transition while maintaining the integrity and competitiveness of our teams. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

We look forward to a successful and exciting season ahead!


Clifton Dorge, VP AAA

Mike Segal, VP AA