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Female/Male Novice Jamboree Teams Added

Boys Novice Jamboree Pool A (1st to 4th) Pool B (5th to 8th) Pool C (9th to 12th) Pool D (13th to 16th) Pool E (17th to 19th) Girls Novice Jamboree Female Novice A1 Female Novice A2-A Female Novice A2-B Female Novice A3-A Female Novice A3-B

Changing the way Canadian parents speak to their kids about sport

The online film called “The Ride Home” was created for this campaign. It offers parents and kids a first-hand look at an uncomfortable situation that some children find themselves in when their athletic performance doesn’t meet their parent’s expectations.  While many parents feel they are teaching their kids “life lessons,” in reality they are taking […]

Made in Manitoba Player Development Model

Hockey Manitoba has created a streamlined player development guide outlining key development strategies throughout minor hockey. Guidelines within the model will allow Associations, coaches, and parents across the province to provide optimal development pathways for their young players as they age through the minor hockey system and the Hockey Canada Long-Term Player Development model.  Download […]

Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy? Physical activity is a lot more fun when we’re physically literate. If we want children to be active for life, they need to develop physical literacy at a young age. Physicalliteracy.ca offers coaches, recreation professionals and health practitioners access to a wide range of resources that can help people become physically […]