COVID 19 Update as of 8:11pm March 12

Good Evening,

As per Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba, all sanctioned minor hockey activities for the foreseeable future have been cancelled.

I know that Hockey Winnipeg issued a statement just a few hours ago that we would continue to play but this situation hands changed rapidly and we will follow the direction of the National Organization as they are looking out for the safety of all players and volunteers nation-wide.

All games that are currently underway may be finished but any game that has not yet started will not be allowed to take place. Please let all participants know that Hockey Winnipeg is doing what has been determined best by Hockey Canada.

More information will follow tomorrow morning.


Ian McArton
Executive Director
Hockey Winnipeg



Hockey Winnipeg is taking the threat of the COVID 19 Virus very seriously, however there are less than 100 reported cases in Canada and one diagnosed in Manitoba which was today.

We value the safety of our members and we will continue to monitor all developments related to the virus over the coming days.

Hockey Winnipeg is recommending the following protocols be followed at all hockey activities:

  • No hand shakes – gloves should remain on for “fist bumps” instead of hand shakes
  • No sharing of water bottles – bottles should be kept clean and not shared with others
  • No spitting at any time
  • If you are felling ill, please stay at home

Hockey Winnipeg is following the leadership and Guidance of Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba to ensure that we are taking the proper steps to facilitate our programs without endangering our members.  This virus is not widespread in Manitoba and by taking the appropriate precautions and being aware the public should not be alarmed.  We will be providing updates as more information becomes available to us.

At this point in time all Hockey Winnipeg Scheduled events will proceed as planned.