Timekeeper Clinic Updates

Hockey Winnipeg would like to thank you for your inquires and patience while we get our timekeeper clinics set up for the 2020-2021 season. With the Current Pandemic going on you can expect our clinics to look a little different this year as we adapt to the changes being made regularly.

Please note, ALL new timekeepers, and level 1 first year will be required to attend a in person clinic, which are now open for registration. Level 1 second year, and Level2 will be able to attend a zoom clinic Which will be posted at a later date. Please insure you are registering for the proper clinic.


Area Association                       Name                           Telephone                    Email

Assiniboine Park (APHA)                Lou Mulvenna                   204-803-8004   lou_mulvenna@hotmail.com

Fort Garry (FGNHA)                         Kevin Klein                           204-290-9305   kk@kevinklein.ca

Lord Selkirk (LSMHA)                      Dean Fillion                         431-336-3326   ricofficials@lsmha.com

River East (REMHA)                         John McDonald                 204-998-1082   johnymac@mymts.net

St. Boniface (SBMHA)                     Gerald Gauvin                    204-237-1708   gereve@mts.net

St. James-Assiniboia (SJAMHA)   Lou Mulvenna                   204-803-8004   lou_mulvenna@hotmail.com

St. Vital (SVMHA)                              Ron Klippenstein               204-996-7945   stvtimekeep@yahoo.ca

Seven Oaks (SOMHA)                     Josh Patterson                   204-890-7253   somha_ric@shaw.ca

South Winnipeg (SWHA)                Lise Comte                          204-723-5053   umcomtel@gmail.com

Transcona (TMHA)                           Rob Riffel                             204-803-3935   rriffel@shaw.ca

AAA Assignor                                     Hockey Winnipeg                204-784-5454


You can expect the timekeeper clinic registration postings to be up shortly on the right hand side of the Hockey Winnipeg home page as well as under the events tab – Timekeeper Clinics.


Volunteer Recognition Award – LSMHA

Hockey Winnipeg is honouring the contributions of volunteers by presenting awards on a monthly basis.  There will be 14 awards presented, including one for each Area Association as well as the AAA Council, AA Council, Female Council and a Hockey Winnipeg general.

Award recipients are chosen by their Association/Council.  In order to be eligible, the individual must have spent at least five years helping in their community.

For September, Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association has chosen to present Nick Reeb with the Volunteer Recognition Award! LSMHA President Chad Balmer had this to say about Nick:

Nick has been a valued board member of LSMHA for over 5 years. Nick started with LSMHA as the Community Club Rep for East Selkirk, Nick was instrumental in improving the relationship with LSMHA and East Selkirk.

Nick then became the Atom age director for LSMHA for 2 years and was the primary contact for all Atom Teams out of LSMHA. During his time as age director Nick was also doing many other tasks for LSMHA, he was the lead board member during evaluations ensuring the elevation software that LSMHA worked for all ages and reports and information was sent to all age directors and board members, many times running reports late at night to ensure timelines were met. Nick also was a key member in the centralizing all registration and data collection for LSMHA during this time, from running reports to creating forms. Due to Nick’s commitment and time he put in not only as an age director but also all the other tasks Nick did for LSMHA our association would not be where it is today.

Nick took on the Role of VP Registration which was a newly created position. In this position Nick continued to stream line and ensure our evaluation software was convenient for age directors and communication to all parents and players was done is a timely manner ensuring reports were sent and players and information were uploaded into LSMHA systems. Many times Nick would be answering e-mails and fixing issues all hours of the day and ensuring things were done to meet deadlines and members expectations. On top of the evaluations Nick was also responsible for creating all registration information in the HCR and LSMHA’s sportsengine system to ensure all members could easily register for hockey and that the collection of information was provided to the LSMHA executive.

Nick has been a huge part of the changes to the LSMHA evaluation and Registration processes and other areas of LSMHA and has put in countless hours to ensure both members and executive can save time and focus on supporting their teams. LSMHA is lucky to have him on our team.

Congratulations Nick!

Announcing the Cooper Nemeth Memorial Player Assistance Fund

Starting the the Fall of 2019, Hockey Winnipeg will be offering a brand new player assistance program.  The Cooper Nemeth Memorial Player Assistance Fund has been established to assist players at the AA Level with the cost of playing hockey.

The fund is supported by the Cooper Nemeth Hockey Memorial, an annual event held at Gateway Recreation Centre that raises money for important local causes.

To apply, please download and fill out the Player Assistance – Cooper Nemeth document that can be found under the “Forms” tab.

If you are not playing AA Hockey but need financial assistance, the Dianne Woods Memorial Player Assistance Fund is available to you.  The details can also be found under the “Forms” tab.

Communication Flow Chart

At Hockey Winnipeg, we take the feedback and concerns of our members very seriously.  In order to best handle the communications that come our way, we wanted to remind everyone of our Communication Flow Chart.  Following this pathway will lead to the best outcomes for our Members, our Associations, our Directors and our Staff.

Thank you!


  • 1 – Parent

    Calls or emails respective Coach/Manager

  • 2 – Coach/Manager

    Calls or Emails respective Area Association Rep

    • President
  • 3 – Area Association Rep (President)

    Calls or Emails respective Hockey Winnipeg Rep

    • VP of Category
  • 4 – Hockey Winnipeg Rep (VP Category)

    Calls or Emails respective Hockey Winnipeg Executive Rep

    • VP Operations and/or
    • VP of Programs
  • 5 – Hockey Winnipeg Executive Rep (VP Operations and/or VP Programs)

    Calls or Emails Hockey Winnipeg Executive Director

  • 6 – Hockey Winnipeg Executive Director

    Calls or Emails Hockey Winnipeg President


Provincial Midget AAA Zones

With the Winnipeg Bruins joining the Thrashers and Wild in the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League some clarification is needed on the new Provincial Midget Zones.  The new Zones are as follows:

Winnipeg Bruins

  • St. Boniface
  • St. Vital
  • Transcona
  • River East – South of McLeod/Oakland

Winnipeg Thrashers

  • St. James-Assiniboia – Postal Codes R2Y, R3H, R3E, R2R
  • Seven Oaks
  • Lord Selkirk
  • River East – North of McLeod/Oakland

Winnipeg Wild

  • Fort Garry North
  • South Winnipeg
  • Assiniboine Park
  • St. James-Assiniboia – Postal Codes R3K, R3J, R3G, R3C