Esso Medals of Achievement

The Esso Medals of Achievement program has returned for a 33rd year.  It is a 100% FREE program, which rewards those youth hockey players in your Association that display dedication, effort, and fair play.  This is done with sets of 3 medals (Most Dedicated, Most Sportsmanlike, Most Improved) and 17 Certificates of Achievement for the whole team.  This year you can order for all of the teams in your Association at the same time with one entry!  It is also a great way for coaches to recognize their player’s achievements at an end of the year party.

For the fourth consecutive year Esso has a great contest to go along with it!  Every team that registers for the program is automatically entered to win 1 of 3 prizes of $1,000 for their team and $10,000 for their Association.  Your Association will receive 1 entry into the contest for every team that registers for the program.  For those who register their teams before March 13, 2015, you will be entered into the contest.  There is no limit to the number of entries your Association can submit so long as they are for separate teams.

To sign up, you can visit and follow the online instructions.