Hockey Winnipeg Communication – February 25, 2021

With the changes to the Manitoba Public Health orders coming into effect today, this will allow for organized practices and exhibition games to be played on outdoor hockey rinks and one-on-one training to occur on indoor hockey rinks.  As such, Hockey Manitoba has released a new version of their Return To Play Plan (RTP). This RTP document can be viewed by following this link: RTP Version 5.  It is crucial to the success of any team wishing to participate in organized activities to read this document and implement the guidelines therein.

In addition to reviewing and adhering to the new RTP Document, Hockey Winnipeg’s regulations on Game Postponements and Rescheduling (Hockey Winnipeg Website, Resources Tab, Rule Book, Page 61) must be considered regarding the outside temperature.  These temperature guidelines apply to both exhibition games and practices. Teams who wish to engage in an exhibition game must complete the appropriate form on the Hockey Winnipeg Website (Forms Tab, Exhibition Game Form) and they must ensure that proper regulations are followed such as the use of certified officials only, the use of a Hockey Winnipeg gamesheet and that the rink is suitable for play.  A suitable rink is one that has working player benches, suitable nets and has no gaps in the boards/gates/fences.


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