New Staff Member of Hockey Winnipeg

Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to announce the hiring of Janelle Forcand as the new Grassroots Program Coordinator effective July 28, 2021.

Janelle is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for growing the game of hockey at the youth level. With over 10 years of experience working in hockey development, Janelle has gained a great understanding on what the sport needs to continue to be successful for all ages. As a former Female Hockey Coordinator, Janelle used the sport of hockey to empower young female athletes to reach their full potential. Through Janelle’s time as an on-ice instructor, Head Coach, and team manager, she found a passion for the grassroots level and enjoys making the first hockey experience for children a positive one. In 2020, Janelle was invited to join the NHLCA Female Coaches Development program where she continues to learn how to be an effective leader for the sport of hockey. Most recently, Janelle was awarded the Provincial and National Female Community Coach of the Year award presented by Hockey Canada.

Janelle looks forward to gaining more knowledge and continuing to bring her passion to the Hockey Community in Winnipeg.

Roulette and Brennan help Canada Win Gold

Team Canada has won the Gold Medal at the 2021 IIHF Men’s U18 World Championships.  Hockey Winnipeg would like to congratulate all of the members of Team Canada for this incredible accomplishment.

We would like to spotlight two players from our Association that were a part of that team:

Conner Roulette – Seven Oaks Minor Hockey Association

Tyler Brennan – Fort Garry North Hockey Association

Congratulations to Conner and Tyler on a remarkable achievement!

For more information on Team Canadas Men’s U18 Team follow this link:

Changes coming to the U15 AAA league

As of today’s date, the U15 AAA Winnipeg league will look a little different for next years 2021-2022 season. The biggest changes that you will see happen to the U15 league are:

  1. U15 Winnipeg AAA teams are to be double aged commencing with the 2021-2022 Season.
  2. U15 Winnipeg AAA teams will utilize the 3 zone framework as is currently used by our U18 AAA and U17 AAA teams.
  3. U15 Winnipeg AAA Council will form 9 U15 teams with three teams per zone.
  4. U15 Winnipeg AAA teams will carry the names Bruins, Thrashers and Wild.

We understand that these are some big changes and will raise many questions. We will try to provide new and further details as they become available via the AAA website. Please refer to the letter below from AAA Vice President, Russ Cassidy for further clarification on the changes to the league.

Follow the link below to view a letter from our VP of AAA Russ Cassidy

U15 AAA Announcement (1)


Hockey Winnipeg’s New President and Officer Group

On Wednesday, April 21st Hockey Winnipeg held it’s 65th Annual Meeting.


After six years as President, Chris Hall has stepped down from the position.  Hockey Winnipeg would like to thank Chris for his service to the Association as President, his leadership and guidance has set the organization up for success for many years to come. Chris will remain on the Executive of Hockey Winnipeg as Past President as his knowledge and experience will continue to benefit our members.


Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to announce that Daryl Fowler has been elected President of the Association.  Daryl has been a dedicated and committed volunteer for many years, highlighted by his long stints as President of St. Norbert Community Centre, President of South Winnipeg Hockey Association and as Hockey Winnipeg’s Vice-President of AA Hockey.


Hockey Winnipeg’s Officer Group for the 2021/2022 season is as follows:

Daryl Fowler – President

Guy Jeanson – Vice-President, Programs

Paul Krestanowich – Vice-President, Operations

Chris Hall – Past President

Russ Cassidy – Vice-President, AAA

Mike Segal – Vice-President, AA

Warren Hruska – Vice-President, A & Direct Entry

Dwayne Schmidt – Vice-President, A & NBC

Nicole Carnegie – Vice-President, Female

Mark Alward – Vice-President, Officials




Hockey Winnipeg Communication – February 25, 2021

With the changes to the Manitoba Public Health orders coming into effect today, this will allow for organized practices and exhibition games to be played on outdoor hockey rinks and one-on-one training to occur on indoor hockey rinks.  As such, Hockey Manitoba has released a new version of their Return To Play Plan (RTP). This RTP document can be viewed by following this link: RTP Version 5.  It is crucial to the success of any team wishing to participate in organized activities to read this document and implement the guidelines therein.

In addition to reviewing and adhering to the new RTP Document, Hockey Winnipeg’s regulations on Game Postponements and Rescheduling (Hockey Winnipeg Website, Resources Tab, Rule Book, Page 61) must be considered regarding the outside temperature.  These temperature guidelines apply to both exhibition games and practices. Teams who wish to engage in an exhibition game must complete the appropriate form on the Hockey Winnipeg Website (Forms Tab, Exhibition Game Form) and they must ensure that proper regulations are followed such as the use of certified officials only, the use of a Hockey Winnipeg gamesheet and that the rink is suitable for play.  A suitable rink is one that has working player benches, suitable nets and has no gaps in the boards/gates/fences.


Hockey Winnipeg | Exhibition Game Request


Hockey Winnipeg Position – Outdoor Organized Sports

The Province of Manitoba has released a proposal for loosening restrictions that could go into effect on Saturday, February 13th 2021.  Among the proposed changes, organized outdoor sports are listed.

While we understand that this is an exciting potential development, we would like to remind our members that this change is only a proposal at this time.  Even if this proposed change does come into effect on the 13th we would need approval from our governing bodies, Sport Manitoba and Hockey Manitoba, before our teams could hold practices or development sessions at outdoor hockey rinks.  Additionally, there will be protocols and guidelines to follow once outdoor activities are permitted to ensure the safety of all participants.

We thank you all for your patience in this matter and for adhering to the regulations in place.


Effective January 30, 2021 the Board of Directors and Executive Members of Hockey Winnipeg have made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the 2020/2021 Regular Hockey Season and Playoffs. This directive excludes those teams that participate in provincially run leagues.

It has always been the hope of Hockey Winnipeg to return to scheduled league play, however the current restrictions, timelines and ice availability does not make that feasible. This decision is not closing the door on hockey this year, just Hockey Winnipeg regular season and playoff games. This will allow for Area Associations within Hockey Winnipeg to provide local programming for the balance of the season as public health restrictions may allow.

Hockey Winnipeg and our Area Associations will be working to provide fair refunds to our members over the next few months. The refunds will be pro-rated based upon the amount of activity that has taken place and what activity can be offered at the local level once restrictions allow. Some fees are not recoverable (such as tryout fees where tryouts have taken place, player insurance, etc.) and those fees will not be refunded. Should refunds be provided, they will be distributed to members by the end date of a typical hockey season which is April 30th, 2021.

The Board of Directors and Executive Members of Hockey Winnipeg did not take this decision lightly and it is with heavy hearts and after lengthy discussion that we share this directive. We would like to thank our members for being patient throughout this trying season and we regret the premature end of the 2020/2021 hockey season. We plan to support our Area Associations as much as possible with locally run programming.

Chris Hall, President – Hockey Winnipeg
Ian McArton, Executive Director – Hockey Winnipeg


In accordance with the extension to January 22nd, 2021 of the Public Heath Orders that have paused Minor Hockey since October 31st, 2020, Hockey Winnipeg would like to update the community and our members with our current position.

At this point in time, Hockey Winnipeg and it’s ten Minor Hockey Associations are committed to providing our members with organized minor hockey programming at such time as the public health orders will permit.  Once the public health orders allow group sports to resume and indoor sports facilities to re-open, Hockey Winnipeg will assess the existing restrictions and implement appropriate programming through our Area Associations. Our priority is to engage the youth in our community in safe, fun and beneficial activities. We are not willing to abandon minor hockey programs for our membership this year.

The question has been raised in the community about refunding registration and team fees.  It is still the hope of Hockey Winnipeg to put those fees to good use for programming this season.  We are not able to issue refunds at this point in time, but the Executive of Hockey Winnipeg is committed to providing fair refunds to our members once we are able to determine exactly what can be done in terms of our program length and content.

Hockey Winnipeg would like to encourage all of our members to continue to practice the fundamentals of safety during this pandemic and we would like to remind everyone to put the safety of your community first over the coming weeks.  We will get though this and get back to the sport we love soon.

Certification Deadline – January 18, 2021

In late November, Hockey Manitoba made the decision to extend the 2020 – 2021 certification deadline for Coaches and Officials past December 1, 2020.  The deadline extension applied to Coaches, Managers, Safety Persons, and Officials who had not yet obtained the required certification for their position.

Hockey Manitoba has made the decision to set Monday January 18, 2021 as the deadline for coaches, officials, managers and safety persons to obtain their certification.

We have added the following online coaching and officiating clinic dates and would like to remind all team officials that this will be the last opportunity for coaches and officials to get their certification training for this season.

  • January 15 – Checking Skills 1 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • January 16 – Coach 2 – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • January 16 – Coach 1 – 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • January 17 – Coach 1 – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • January 17 – Coach 2 – 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • January 17 – Official Level 1 & 2 – 9:00 am – Noon
  • January 18 – Official Level 3 – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

For a complete list of upcoming Hockey Manitoba coaching and officiating clinics, please click here.

Online clinics will be hosted on Zoom but require registration to still be completed through eHockey. Online clinics will be 3 hours in length and DO NOT include an on-ice portion. The capacity of each clinic will be set to 50 participants.

Coaches and officials attending online clinics will be expected to use a laptop with a functional webcam and microphone. Smartphones and tablets are also acceptable but not recommended.

Please note: The clinics and their respective online prerequisites currently available on eHockey are compliant with the extended deadline. If you are able to attend these sessions we suggest that you register for them immediately.

Please click the link below to view the Hockey Manitoba Coaching Certification requirements:

Coaching Certification Requirements

If you have any concerns in regards to your certification, please contact Erikson Solnes, Coordinator, Coach Development ( or Charles Bergstresser, Coordinator, Officials Development (

Thank you.

– Hockey Manitoba