January 21 Weather Cancellations – UPDATED

Hockey Winnipeg is currently monitoring a number of games scheduled for today (January 21st) that involve travel outside the City.  The poor road conditions due to blowing snow and visibility is a concern.

These games we are monitoring could be rural teams travelling into Winnipeg and also Winnipeg teams travelling to rural communities.

*Note* Games cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled.

UPDATE – The Following Games have been cancelled due to the hazardous weather conditions:

A1 U18 2022-01-21 7:30 Teulon Pinaymootang Raiders White
A1 U18 2022-01-21 8:00 Sanford MacDonald Ft Garry
A1 U18 Female 2022-01-21 6:15 La Broquerie La Broquerie Polar Bears
AA U13 2022-01-21 8:00 Brandon WCHA Brandon Black Stonewall
AA U13 2022-01-21 8:15 Gateway Red Marauders Black Brandon Gold
AA U13 Female 2022-01-21 6:30 Gateway Red Predators Brandon
AAA U15 Female 2022-01-21 6:30 Niverville Eastman Victorias
AAA U15 Female 2022-01-21 8:30 Allard Titans Yellowhead


2022 Spring Development Programs


Hockey Winnipeg is once again proud to offer our elite-level spring development programs this season. Each program consists of both on-ice skill development and game play opportunities for our male and female athletes involved. Details of our 2022 spring development programs are below:


U13 Female Challenge Cup:

This program is for our top 2009 & 2010-born female athletes and is scheduled for April 4-April 10 at Allard arena. Female U13 AA All-star players will be eligible to register first, followed by all remaining U13 AA female players (on a first come, first serve basis) to fill the remaining spots. The top players from the U13 Female Challenge Cup will then be invited to register for and participate in the Hockey Manitoba Female Prospects program taking place from April 14-April 17 at Stride Place, Portage La Prairie.

U13 Prospects Cup:

This program is for our top 2009-born male athletes and is scheduled for April 18-April 24 at Southdale arena (east rink). Male U13 (2009-born only) AA All-star players will be eligible to register first, followed by all remaining U13 (2009-born only) AA male players (on a first come, first serve basis) to fill the remaining spots. The top players from the U13 Prospects Cup will then be invited to register for and participate in the Hockey Manitoba Rising Stars Plus+ program taking place from April 28-May 1 at Bell MTS Iceplex.

U14 Vice President’s Cup:

This program is for our top 2008-born male athletes and is scheduled for April 18-April 24 at Southdale arena (west rink). Male U15 (2008-born only) AAA players and AA All-star players will be eligible to register first, followed by all remaining U15 (2008-born only) AA male players (on a first come, first serve basis) to fill the remaining spots. The top players from the U14 Vice President’s Cup will then be invited to register for and participate in the Hockey Manitoba Director’s Cup Prospects program taking place from April 28-May 1 at Bell MTS Iceplex.


The tentative registration cost for all 3 Hockey Winnipeg spring development programs is $150.00/per athlete. Registration will begin in early March. Note, there will be additional registration fees for those who participate in the Hockey Manitoba programs.




Program(s) contact: Brent Poplawski – development@hockeywinnipeg.ca


Message to all Members of Hockey Winnipeg

Hockey Winnipeg is aware of individuals disregarding and contravening existing Public Health Orders within our Area Associations and around the Province. The Hockey Winnipeg Executive wants to reinforce that these types of behaviors are NOT acceptable and any occurrences following this notice will result in the immediate removal of non-complaint families from Hockey Winnipeg programs, without refund.


Manitoba’s current Public Health Orders as well as the requirements of Hockey Manitoba’s Return to Play policy are non-negotiable for participation in Hockey Winnipeg sanctioned activities.  Further, to ensure Hockey Winnipeg programs function as intended, we must maintain the confidence of the management of the arenas, municipal and provincial government agencies and community clubs whose facilities are required for our game. When at an indoor arena or on an outdoor community club rink, Hockey Winnipeg needs our families to conduct themselves appropriately in accordance with Public Health Orders and Hockey Manitoba’s Return to Play policy.


We are happy to report most families are following these Orders and Policy, but for the few who are not only unwilling to follow these orders, but when reminded or requested to do so become argumentative, disrespectful and disruptive, this will not be accepted. When asked to adhere to the public health guidelines by facility staff, Hockey Winnipeg Executive members, staff or volunteers you are required to do so. Hockey Winnipeg will now suspend the child of all non-compliant families from participating in all team events for the period covered by 3 games on the first occurrence, and indefinitely on a second occurrence.  Additionally, if a member’s behavior has reached the point of being dangerous or disruptive; law enforcement may be called, and an indefinite suspension delivered on first instance, in the sole discretion of Hockey Winnipeg.   


The Province has instituted Public Health Orders to protect all Manitobans, who are bound by this legislation. This includes Hockey Winnipeg and our Area Associations.  While we understand that some Manitobans may believe these Public Health Orders to be improper, we are required by law to follow them; and do so in the interest of the safety of our players, volunteers and all Manitobans.  We cannot and will not allow our members to disregard the orders. Failure to follow and enforce these Public Health Orders not only risks the health of Manitobans generally, but also risks the shutdown of amateur hockey, including our entire hockey program.


This letter serves as an official warning from Hockey Winnipeg to all families but more specifically to those few families that are in opposition to these endpoints.   If there are any reports of individuals violating Public Health Orders and/or disrespecting our volunteers and facility staff Hockey Winnipeg will issue an immediate 3 game suspension. Should there be a reoccurrence or it is deemed required by Hockey Winnipeg, an indefinite suspension and a ban from all facilities where Hockey Winnipeg operates will follow.



Hockey Winnipeg

Directives from Hockey Winnipeg – December 15th

Affiliation Player Rule for U9A Male/Female

In order to allow U9 A teams to best adhere to the current development model in place, a concession must be made to the Team Affiliation and Temporary Promotion rules in the Hockey Winnipeg Rule Book (Section G, Page 53, Point 14).  This will allow U9 A Teams (both Male and Female) to temporarily promote players in order to have the desired 12 skaters to fit the program structure.  The new rule reads as follows:


No U9 A team may AP a skater unless their roster size is less than 12 skaters.  No U13 A or U11 A team may AP a skater until their roster size is less than 10 skaters.  For U15 and U18 the requirement is less than 12 skaters.  For AA the requirement is less than 15 skaters.


Mask Rule Reminder and Directive to Officials

Hockey Winnipeg would like to remind all coaches of the importance of adhering to Public Health Orders.  By adhering to the Public Health Orders we are doing everything we can to protect the 2021-22 hockey season and keep our kids on the ice. Conversely, failing to adhere to the Public Health Order restrictions risks postponement or termination of the 2021-22 hockey season and/or further restrictions.  Hockey Winnipeg has been informed of rostered individuals, specifically coaches on the bench failing to properly wear Masks in indoor facilities.  As a reminder, Masks must be worn properly at all times while in the facility, with the exception of those currently participating on the ice.  Coaches on the bench must wear their masks at all times, and wear them properly.


On-Ice Officials have been given the direction to treat improper or non-existent mask wearing like Hockey Manitoba’s mouth guard rule:  If an official observes a coach not wearing a mask or is not wearing it properly, the Referee is to provide a warning to both benches.  Further infractions will result in a bench-minor penalty.


2021-22 Goaltender Development Program

Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to announce that we will once again be partnering with the Bell MTS Iceplex Ice Lab this year to offer our 2021/22 Goaltender Development Program. The program, led by Andy Kollar, is only available to registered male and female A1, A2, and A3 U11-U15 Winnipeg goaltenders for the subsidized fee of $65.00. Goaltenders in the program will receive three one-on-one sessions at the Ice Lab inside the Bell MTS Iceplex. One-on-one sessions will be available to schedule between November 2021 and March 2022.

Registration will be available until Thursday, November 4 at 4:00pm. Due to capacity limits, only a select number of goalies who register will be allowed to participate in the program. By registering online, you will be entered into our “Potential Pool of Participants” where an electronically randomized draw will select a certain number of goalies who will then be eligible to officially participate in the program.

The payment process will take place after the randomized draw occurs.

Please complete the registration process in order to potentially participate in this excellent goaltender development program.

Winnipeg Linesman to Make NHL Debut

Hockey Winnipeg wishes best of luck to Linesperson Justin (“JJ”) Johnson on his National Hockey League regular season officiating debut tonight, working the Winnipeg Jets game against the Nashville Predators. Johnson, 23, who has been officiating for 10 years, started in the Seven Oaks Minor Hockey Association, later serving as Referee in Chief.


Johnson was signed by the NHL to work a split contract, with up to 40 games at the NHL level, and 40 AHL assignments this season.


“Justin has used his unique physical traits, skating ability and taken full advantage of every opportunity he’s been given along the way to get to this point.” said Hockey Winnipeg VP Officials Mark Alward. “Hockey Winnipeg and all of JJ’s colleagues across Manitoba are eagerly waiting for the chance to cheer him on wearing the NHL crest. I’ve had the pleasure of working with JJ the last number of years and can attest to his development not only on the ice, but off it.”


Johnson is the first Manitoban hired to the NHL as an official since Ryan Galloway in 2002. Read more

UPDATE to sending in scores

Please do not phone the scores in to the scoreline as previous years as the phone number is no longer active.

EACH team will be required to email in the score to Hockey_Winnipeg_Score@shaw.ca

Please email it using the  following format

Date of Game
Division & Category

This information can be found on pg. X of the Hockey Winnipeg Rule book.


2021-22 Coach Development & Mentorship Program

In partnership with Evolution Hockey, Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to offer our Coach Development & Mentorship Program for the 2021-22 season! The program is designed to help educate all Hockey Winnipeg coaches (HL, A3, A2, A1, AA, and AAA; U7-U18) and incorporates several non-certification clinics (both virtual and on-ice) that cover various topics specifically related to the age groups that coaches will be coaching. All coaches who register and attend a clinic will also be provided with resources to help them run effective practices throughout the season. Please note that registration for the program is completely FREE.

The clinic topics (and the coaches that they are designed for) include: Intro to IP (U7 coaches), U9 Skills (U7&U9 coaches), U9 Practice Planning (U7&U9 coaches), Goaltending 1 (U7&U9 coaches), Puck Control (U11-U18 coaches), Shooting & Scoring (U11-U18 coaches), Defense Skills & Tactics (U11-U18 coaches), Forward Skills & Tactics (U11-U18 coaches), Goaltending 2 (U13-U18 coaches), Hockey Canada Network App (all coaches), The 30 Minute Coach (all coaches), Skating 1 (all coaches), and Small Area Games (all coaches). Keep in mind brand-new clinic topics will be introduced later this season!

The schedule for the program can be found here:

Hockey Winnipeg Coach Program Clinics Schedule


New Staff Member of Hockey Winnipeg

Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to announce the hiring of Janelle Forcand as the new Grassroots Program Coordinator effective July 28, 2021.

Janelle is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for growing the game of hockey at the youth level. With over 10 years of experience working in hockey development, Janelle has gained a great understanding on what the sport needs to continue to be successful for all ages. As a former Female Hockey Coordinator, Janelle used the sport of hockey to empower young female athletes to reach their full potential. Through Janelle’s time as an on-ice instructor, Head Coach, and team manager, she found a passion for the grassroots level and enjoys making the first hockey experience for children a positive one. In 2020, Janelle was invited to join the NHLCA Female Coaches Development program where she continues to learn how to be an effective leader for the sport of hockey. Most recently, Janelle was awarded the Provincial and National Female Community Coach of the Year award presented by Hockey Canada.

Janelle looks forward to gaining more knowledge and continuing to bring her passion to the Hockey Community in Winnipeg.

Roulette and Brennan help Canada Win Gold

Team Canada has won the Gold Medal at the 2021 IIHF Men’s U18 World Championships.  Hockey Winnipeg would like to congratulate all of the members of Team Canada for this incredible accomplishment.

We would like to spotlight two players from our Association that were a part of that team:

Conner Roulette – Seven Oaks Minor Hockey Association

Tyler Brennan – Fort Garry North Hockey Association

Congratulations to Conner and Tyler on a remarkable achievement!

For more information on Team Canadas Men’s U18 Team follow this link: https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/team-canada/men/under-18/2020-21