Missing Scores

As the season ends this weekend please ensure that all your team scores are called in.  If you are unsure if scores are missing please visit the missing scores page by clicking here

All scores need to be reported by the end of Sunday February 21, 2016.

Scores can be reported to the score line at 204-222-5292 or by emailing ddubell@shaw.ca

Thank you


February 2016 AAA Calendar Winners

Date Ticket # Prize Award Winner
Feb 1st 5080  $100 Christy Librecht
Feb 2nd 7884 $100 Billy Pelayo
Feb 3rd 2306 $100 Mike Gouliquer
Feb 4th 1370 $100 Rob Riffel
Feb 5th 5388 $100 Brunetta Kiplins
Feb 6th 1223 $300 Luc Alarie
Feb 7th 7848 $300 Valerie Hallson
Feb 8th 4329 $100 Linda Ronyck
Feb 9th 3186 $100 Ray Duma
Feb 10th 6189 $100 Mike Delorme
Feb 11th 4361 $100 Keith Stenart
Feb 12th 3985 $100 Dayna Stubbs
Feb 13th 2424 $300 Dave Barclay
Feb 14th 1624 $300 Richard Buchkowski
Feb 15th 6951 $100 David Kaatz
Feb 16th 1975 $100 Rob Kaufman
Feb 17th 7375 $100 Jeff Corbelt
Feb 18th 5643 $100 Marlene Kochenash
Feb 19th 6892 $100 Keith Goetz
Feb 20th 0296 $300 Kathy Kuklica
Feb 21st 3485 $300 Lorrane Manness
Feb 22nd 1244 $300 Chad Schaan
Feb 23rd 6603 $100 Hong Chung
Feb  24th 4418 $100 Mel Gouliquer
Feb 25th 4873 $100 John Poulter
Feb 26th 3352 $100 Fred Soshycki
Feb 27th 5169 $100 Kevin Morton
Feb 28th 0343 $300 Dana Patenaude
Feb 29th 0535 $300 Michelle Dearborn




Accepting Coaching Applications for VP Cup Tournament

Coaches interested in becoming involved with the Hockey Winnipeg Vice Presidents Cup either as a head coach or assistant coach should send Shawn Ward an email expressing your interest. Coaches who wish to take part in Hockey Manitoba’s Directors Cup will have to have taken part as a coach in the VP Cup.

The VP Cup will consist of holding 2 hours of development on ice sessions held between April 1st– 8th, as well as Coaching your given team for the duration of the VP Cup Tournament held April 8th-12th @ Selkirk Rec Complex and East Selkirk Arena.

All interested parties are to email Shawn Ward at development@hockeywinnipeg.ca or alternatively can contact Shawn at 204-784-5454 [ext. 104]. Hockey Winnipeg will be accepting applications untilMarch 18th, 2016.


Female Bantam Prospects

The Female Bantam Prospects program has been developed to provide a competitive skill development program for graduating second year Peewee’s and graduating first year Bantams. Modeled after the current male Directors Cup this program is designed as an introduction into the Hockey Manitoba U-18 Program of Excellence. The mission of this program is to introduce prospective U-18 players to the concepts and skills required to play at the National level before their entrance into the Program of Excellence.

Registration for the Female Bantam Prospects program will open February 16, 2016. Deadline to register is March 11, 2016. Price to register for tryouts is $20.00 per player.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Development Coordinator, Shawn Ward, at 204-784-5454 [ext. 104] or development@hockeywinnipeg.ca

Playoff Draw Details Posted

The preliminary playoff draw details have been posted on the Hockey Winnipeg Website.  Click here to view the page of select Playoff Details from the Playoff Drop down menu.  Note:  Dates and Times are subject to change so please ensure that you check the website often for possible adjustments to the draws.

Instructions for using the Playoff Draw Details page

  • To view all the games for a specific division – select the division from the division drop down.  This gives you all the games for the division selected.  If you want to view only the A side check of A from the ID.  Same for B and F
  • You can search for games by a particular arena by selecting the Arena Name from the drop down.  If used alone it will give you all games for all draws at that arena.
  • Select a day if you want to view all games played on a particular date.

Note:  All of the search features can be used together.



Rescheduled February 7 Games – Updated Feb 11

The following games that were postponed from February have been rescheduled:

A1 Minor Bantam Feb 11 6:15 Notre Dame ST BONIFACE L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 7
A1 Minor Midget Feb 22 6:45 Notre Dame ST BONIFACE L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 7

Added February 8

A1 Minor Peewee Feb 18 7:00 East Selkirk L SELKIRK FTG WHITE From Feb 7 Feb 8
A3 Atom Female Feb 20 4:30 Stonewall VMSC STONEWALL BLUE NE EAGLES BLUE From Feb 7 Feb 8
AA Peewee Feb 18 6:00 Portage PCU Portage Canadians From Feb 7 Feb 8
AAA Midget City Feb 9 7:30 Notre Dame Warriors Sharks From Oct 28 Jan 9
AAA Midget City Feb 14 3:30 Warren Interlake Eastman From Feb 7 Feb 8

 Added February 9

A1 Midget Feb 13 11:45am Maples GARDEN C L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 9
A3 Bantam Feb 14 7:15 Maples RED R MACDONALD From Feb 7 Feb 9

 Added February 11

A1 Bantam Feb 18 7:45 Century FT GARRY L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 11
A2 Peewee Female Feb 18 7:15 C A Barbour STORM BLACK STONEWALL From Feb 7 Feb 11
AA Bantam Female Feb 24 7:30 Portage PCU Central Plains Eastman From Feb 7 Feb 11