Hockey Winnipeg Rec Program

Hockey Winnipeg’s Rec Program was created in response to a need for a less competitive playing environment and a less demanding time commitment that exists in community hockey. Hockey Winnipeg will run a U11 and U13 Rec Program with an emphasis on skills development, structured team play with multi-ability teams, a set schedule with a minimal time commitment. The Rec Program encourages and supports good sportsmanship, fair play, friendship, and respect.

We are committed to all of our youth, regardless of background or circumstance, being able to enjoy a healthy sports activity in a positive and safe environment.This may include:

1. continuing players who want to stay in the game,

2. players with other commitments for whom hockey is a ‘second’ activity, and

3. new players who want to try organized hockey.

The U11 and U13 Rec Program will operate once a week from October – March (20 weeks). There will be two arenas hosting the Hockey Winnipeg Rec Program; St. Norbert Community Centre and Transcona East End Community Centre. The Rec Program is open to all age appropriate players regardless of community boundaries.

Registration opens August 1st.