Honourary Life Member – Cathie Gushulak

Hockey Winnipeg is proud to announce that we have added another name to a list of the most influential volunteers of our organization’s history.

The newest Honourary Life Member of Hockey Winnipeg is Cathie Gushulak.

Cathie Gushulak began her involvement in Minor Hockey in the late 90s with the Transcona Minor Hockey Association (TMHA) and has been a key volunteer ever since.  She exemplifies the “step up” mentality that so many of our volunteers possess and she has never backed away from a job that needed doing.  Minor Hockey has changed in many ways since Cathie first became involved, but she has been a constant presence and a true “behind the scenes” force that keeps our game moving forward.  Cathie’s impressive volunteer resume is highlighted by:

  • Coach – TMHA (Female Program) 1999-2004 and 2006-2007
  • Various roles on the TMHA Board in the 2000s (Convenor, Director of A Hockey, Registrar)
  • Hockey Winnipeg Tournament Director 2002-2005
  • TMHA President 2007-2010
  • Hockey Winnipeg Vice-President of A Hockey 2011-2017
  • Hockey Winnipeg Division Director 2003-2010 and 2018-present

When Cathie first stepped into the world of Minor Hockey Administration, she stepped into a “Boys Club”.  Since then, she has proven every step of the way that there is a place for women in the hockey boardroom.  As far as our records can determine, she is the only female to serve as the President of an Area Association and is most certainly the first female to be given the recognition of Honourary Life member of Hockey Winnipeg.  Presently she is showing no signs of slowing down, but when the time comes for Cathie Gushulak to walk away from minor hockey her legacy will be tied to this organization forever.

Thank You and Congratulations Cathie!