New Overtime Rules – Effective Immediately

Due to a high number of tied games which resulted in games having to be replayed the playoffs are in a time crunch. A decision has been made to change the Overtime Rules for the Hockey Winnipeg Playoffs that will take effect immediately.

Moving forward, all games will be played out until there is a winner.  There will be no rescheduling of games. The format of Overtime will follow the rule book – 4 on 4 with the period length being the same as the first period.

Hockey Winnipeg is also waiving the rules against playing on 3 and 4 consecutive days. This will be the reality for some series to be able to be completed.  It is important to note that Playoff Convenors have been asked to look at the schedule and do what they can to lighten the load on teams in the finals by spreading out games where possible.