New Staff Member of Hockey Winnipeg

Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to announce the hiring of Janelle Forcand as the new Grassroots Program Coordinator effective July 28, 2021.

Janelle is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for growing the game of hockey at the youth level. With over 10 years of experience working in hockey development, Janelle has gained a great understanding on what the sport needs to continue to be successful for all ages. As a former Female Hockey Coordinator, Janelle used the sport of hockey to empower young female athletes to reach their full potential. Through Janelle’s time as an on-ice instructor, Head Coach, and team manager, she found a passion for the grassroots level and enjoys making the first hockey experience for children a positive one. In 2020, Janelle was invited to join the NHLCA Female Coaches Development program where she continues to learn how to be an effective leader for the sport of hockey. Most recently, Janelle was awarded the Provincial and National Female Community Coach of the Year award presented by Hockey Canada.

Janelle looks forward to gaining more knowledge and continuing to bring her passion to the Hockey Community in Winnipeg.