Playoff Draw Details Posted

The preliminary playoff draw details have been posted on the Hockey Winnipeg Website.  Click here to view the page of select Playoff Details from the Playoff Drop down menu.  Note:  Dates and Times are subject to change so please ensure that you check the website often for possible adjustments to the draws.

Instructions for using the Playoff Draw Details page

  • To view all the games for a specific division – select the division from the division drop down.  This gives you all the games for the division selected.  If you want to view only the A side check of A from the ID.  Same for B and F
  • You can search for games by a particular arena by selecting the Arena Name from the drop down.  If used alone it will give you all games for all draws at that arena.
  • Select a day if you want to view all games played on a particular date.

Note:  All of the search features can be used together.