Timekeeper Clinic Updates

Hockey Winnipeg would like to thank you for your inquires and patience while we get our timekeeper clinics set up for the 2020-2021 season. With the Current Pandemic going on you can expect our clinics to look a little different this year as we adapt to the changes being made regularly.

Please note, ALL new timekeepers, and level 1 first year will be required to attend a in person clinic, which are now open for registration. Level 1 second year, and Level2 will be able to attend a zoom clinic Which will be posted at a later date. Please insure you are registering for the proper clinic.


Area Association                       Name                           Telephone                    Email

Assiniboine Park (APHA)                Lou Mulvenna                   204-803-8004   lou_mulvenna@hotmail.com

Fort Garry (FGNHA)                         Kevin Klein                           204-290-9305   kk@kevinklein.ca

Lord Selkirk (LSMHA)                      Dean Fillion                         431-336-3326   ricofficials@lsmha.com

River East (REMHA)                         John McDonald                 204-998-1082   johnymac@mymts.net

St. Boniface (SBMHA)                     Gerald Gauvin                    204-237-1708   gereve@mts.net

St. James-Assiniboia (SJAMHA)   Lou Mulvenna                   204-803-8004   lou_mulvenna@hotmail.com

St. Vital (SVMHA)                              Ron Klippenstein               204-996-7945   stvtimekeep@yahoo.ca

Seven Oaks (SOMHA)                     Josh Patterson                   204-890-7253   somha_ric@shaw.ca

South Winnipeg (SWHA)                Lise Comte                          204-723-5053   umcomtel@gmail.com

Transcona (TMHA)                           Rob Riffel                             204-803-3935   rriffel@shaw.ca

AAA Assignor                                     Hockey Winnipeg                204-784-5454


You can expect the timekeeper clinic registration postings to be up shortly on the right hand side of the Hockey Winnipeg home page as well as under the events tab – Timekeeper Clinics.