Winnipeg AAA Tryouts (Male)

The AAA Tryouts will be taking place from September 5 to September 29, 2017.  AAA Tryouts are open to all players who reside within Hockey Winnipeg’s boundaries.  Players from outside the boundaries are ineligible to tryout for AAA in Winnipeg and will be directed back to their home region.  The cost of tryouts as indicated below includes a $10 non-refundable fee for processing.

Goaltender evaluations for Bantam I & II  will take place on September 5 & 6 and Midget Goaltenders on September 18.

Bantam II (13) Born in 2004                                           $220
Bantam I (14) Born in 2003                                            $220
Midget City (15 and 16) Born in 2001 and 2002         $190
Provincial Midget (15 to 17) Born in 2000 – 2002      $220

Late registrants (excluding Junior camp returnees), will be assessed the full tryout fee.  Midget Players returning from Junior ‘A’ Camps who miss the first sessions of the AAA tryouts will be assessed tryout fees on a pro-rated basis. 

Please Note: Registration will be taken until August 29, 2017. Payment must be received in order for players to be eligible to participate in tryouts. Credit Card payment option is available online and in the office both credit card and debit transactions can be accepted, those wishing to pay by cheque may mail cheques directly to the Hockey Winnipeg office. Ice times will be sent out Labour Day Weekend.  

Each player will receive a minimum of three (3) hours of ice time per round.  After each round, there will be players released.  There are three (3) rounds in total.

Bantam tryouts consist of three rounds while the Midget tryouts are run on a progression basis.  The first round of tryouts consists of three (3) hours of ice time for all divisions.

All Midget players will have the option of registering to try out for either the Provincial Midget Team or their respective City Midget Team.  After the first three (3) hours, the Provincial Midget Teams will begin to assign players to their respective City Midget team.  This process will continue until all midget players are finalized.  City Midget Tryouts will begin after the first three (3) hours of the Provincial Midget teams are completed.

Bantam 1 and 2 Goaltenders evaluations are on September 5 & 6.  Those who do not progress past these evaluations will be refunded $180.  Those who do progress will join the skaters for the first round of tryouts on September 7.

Tryouts for Provincial and City Midget Goaltenders start with the first tryout date as advised by the team for which they registered with for a tryout.  A formal Goaltender evaluation will take place on September 18.  Registration refunds will be on a prorated basis relative to number of hours they are in the Midget tryout process.


Bantam Goaltenders who do not progress past the September 5 & 6 evaluations will be refunded $180. 

Bantam players who do not progress past the first three hour round will be refunded $140.00 while players who do not progress past the second tryout round will be refunded $70.00

Refunds to players released from the Midget program will be issued on a prorated basis related to the number of hours they remain in the tryout process. Players who leave the program and have not received a release notification, either in writing or verbal, will not be granted a refund.

There is a strict No Refund Policy for players who register at any level of the AAA Program and then do not attend.  Players who tryout and leave the program before receiving an official release will also be subject to the No Refund Policy.

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