Shaking hands with the opponent after a hard fought playoff game or series is a sign of respect and a practice that has been going on for decades.  We would like to encourage our teams to continue that tradition in the playoffs this season.  We encourage players to leave their gloves on for a “fist-bump” in the line and for coaches to join the line as well.

The expectation is that all players and coaches behave in a calm and respectful manner in the handshake line.  This is the perfect opportunity to congratulate the other team on a game well played and a great season.  This is not the opportunity to engage in verbal or physical altercations – officials will assess the appropriate penalties for inappropriate behaviour in the handshake line.

For A Hockey, teams will shake hands after each A and B side bracket game and also at the conclusion of the championship series.

For AA and AAA hockey, teams will shake hands after each series is completed.