Female Bantam Prospects

The Female Bantam Prospects program has been developed to provide a competitive skill development program for graduating second year Peewee’s and graduating first year Bantams. Modeled after the current male Directors Cup this program is designed as an introduction into the Hockey Manitoba U-18 Program of Excellence. The mission of this program is to introduce prospective U-18 players to the concepts and skills required to play at the National level before their entrance into the Program of Excellence.

Registration for the Female Bantam Prospects program will open February 16, 2016. Deadline to register is March 11, 2016. Price to register for tryouts is $20.00 per player.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Development Coordinator, Shawn Ward, at 204-784-5454 [ext. 104] or development@hockeywinnipeg.ca

Playoff Draw Details Posted

The preliminary playoff draw details have been posted on the Hockey Winnipeg Website.  Click here to view the page of select Playoff Details from the Playoff Drop down menu.  Note:  Dates and Times are subject to change so please ensure that you check the website often for possible adjustments to the draws.

Instructions for using the Playoff Draw Details page

  • To view all the games for a specific division – select the division from the division drop down.  This gives you all the games for the division selected.  If you want to view only the A side check of A from the ID.  Same for B and F
  • You can search for games by a particular arena by selecting the Arena Name from the drop down.  If used alone it will give you all games for all draws at that arena.
  • Select a day if you want to view all games played on a particular date.

Note:  All of the search features can be used together.



Rescheduled February 7 Games – Updated Feb 11

The following games that were postponed from February have been rescheduled:

A1 Minor Bantam Feb 11 6:15 Notre Dame ST BONIFACE L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 7
A1 Minor Midget Feb 22 6:45 Notre Dame ST BONIFACE L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 7

Added February 8

A1 Minor Peewee Feb 18 7:00 East Selkirk L SELKIRK FTG WHITE From Feb 7 Feb 8
A3 Atom Female Feb 20 4:30 Stonewall VMSC STONEWALL BLUE NE EAGLES BLUE From Feb 7 Feb 8
AA Peewee Feb 18 6:00 Portage PCU Portage Canadians From Feb 7 Feb 8
AAA Midget City Feb 9 7:30 Notre Dame Warriors Sharks From Oct 28 Jan 9
AAA Midget City Feb 14 3:30 Warren Interlake Eastman From Feb 7 Feb 8

 Added February 9

A1 Midget Feb 13 11:45am Maples GARDEN C L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 9
A3 Bantam Feb 14 7:15 Maples RED R MACDONALD From Feb 7 Feb 9

 Added February 11

A1 Bantam Feb 18 7:45 Century FT GARRY L SELKIRK From Feb 7 Feb 11
A2 Peewee Female Feb 18 7:15 C A Barbour STORM BLACK STONEWALL From Feb 7 Feb 11
AA Bantam Female Feb 24 7:30 Portage PCU Central Plains Eastman From Feb 7 Feb 11


Is your February 7 Game Postponed – Updated 11:57am

Check the Postponed column to see if your February 7 game is postponed                                          

A1 Minor PeeweeL SELKIRKFTG WHITEEast Selkirk3:00Yes
A3 Atom FemaleSTONEWALL BLUENE EAGLES BLUEStonewall Ice Palace7:15Yes
A3 Minor Atom ELord SelkirkNorth KildonanEast Selkirk9:30AMNo
AA BantamCentral PlainsTwinsPortage PCU4:15Yes
AA Bantam FemaleCentral PlainsEastmanPortage PCU6:00Yes
AA PeeweePortageCanadiansPortage PMR4:45Yes
AAA Bantam 1EastmanWarriorsLandmark12:30No
AAA Bantam 1Central PlainsPembina ValleyPortage BDO1:15Yes
AAA Bantam 1South WestYellowheadWawanesa2:00No
AAA Midget CityInterlakeEastmanStonewall VMSC7:00Yes
A1 BantamFT GARRYL SELKIRKCentury8:15Yes
A1 MidgetGARDEN CL SELKIRKSeven Oaks Arena - Red5:45Yes
A1 Minor BantamST BONIFACEL SELKIRKSouthdale East3:45Yes
A1 Minor MidgetST BONIFACEL SELKIRKSouthdale West6:30Yes
A2 Minor Atom EESP WhiteLord Selkirk WhiteEast St Paul12:00No
A2 Peewee FemaleSTORM BLACKSTONEWALLSam Southern5:30Yes
A3 BantamRED RMACDONALDMaples4:45Yes
AA Bantam FemaleCentral PlainsEastmanPortage PCU6:00Yes
AAA Bantam 1Central PlainsPembina ValleyPortage BDO1:15Yes
AAA Bantam 1South WestYellowheadWawanesa2:00No
AAA Bantam Division 2WarriorsBrandonNotre Dame1:00Yes
A2 Bantam FemalePolar BearsEagles 1Civic Center (ap)8:45Yes

Schedule Changes February 5

The following changes have been made to the A3 Minor Peewee and A1 Bantam Female schedules

A1 Bantam Female Feb 21 4:15 St Andrews EAGLES STEINBACH From Dec 18 Feb 5
A3 Minor Peewee Feb 15 6:00 St Andrews L SELKIRK HERITAGE From Jan 23 Feb 5


January AAA Calendar Winners

The January 2016 AAA Calendar Winners are:


Date               Ticket #       Prize Award  Winner

Jan 1st              6263              $1000                  Adele Watts

Jan 2nd              0241              $300                   Evelyne Beaudoin

Jan 3rd              1140              $300                     Lorne Mansky

Jan 4th              1609              $100                    Tracy Fisher

Jan 5th              2839              $100                     Ken Wiens

Jan 6th              1040              $100                     Michelle Namaka

Jan 7th              2751             $100                      Lisa Smit – Beiko

Jan 8th              1354             $100                      Harley Boles

Jan 9th               6557            $300                      Michel Danis

Jan 10th             4398            $300                      J. Howe

Jan 11th             1522            $100                      Lamima Rutkavskas – Lang

Jan 12th              5907           $100                      Lisa Senebacd

Jan 13th              0685           $100                       Ken Chartrand

Jan 14th              3731           $100                       Taylor Friesen

Jan 15th              7008           $100                       Ray Hefferman

Jan 16th              2767           $300                       Sheri Owen

Jan 17th              6816           $300                       San Jay Guliani

Jan 18th              4377           $100                       Kim Szyszkowski

Jan 19th              1243           $100                       Dana & Shayne Cormier

Jan 20th              0330           $100                       Darcia Zemianski

Jan 21st               5958           $100                       Emanuel Lopes

Jan 22nd              1637            $100                      Darcy Miller

Jan 23rd              4501            $300                       Wendy Zalitach

Jan 24th              7542            $300                       Scott Kirk

Jan 25th                0954           $100                        Lori King

Jan 26th                6026           $100                        David Schure

Jan 27th                1496           $100                        Karl Krauter

Jan 28th               7097           $100                        Angela Kelsch

Jan 29th               2161            $100                       Bruno Silvari

Jan 30th               0815             $300                       Carmen Bryan

Jan 31st               1133             $300                      Gord Kostick

37th Annual Ron Stamm Memorial Midget All-star Game

37th Annual  Ron Stamm Memorial Midget All-star Game

Date: January 24, 2016

Location of the All Star Game: East End Arena

Time of the Game: 5:30 p.m.

This All-Star game is dedicated to the memory of MR. Ronald Carl Stamm as a reminder of the importance of volunteer coaches, managers and assistants to the game of hockey.
Ron was a proud, devoted individual the same as the people overseeing the two teams playing in this game. He was known to accept input from his assistants and managers and to offer his constructive criticism to any player not giving one hundred percent… but quick to commend a team effort. His coaching was simple and to the point commanding respect to playing the game aggressively, effectively and with demonstrated camaraderie toward the opposing team. Ron was widely known to the youth of Fort Rouge/Fort Garry area through his dedication to the game of hockey and baseball.
Ron served nine years with Lord Roberts Community Centre as a coach, vice-president and president and started those years as a volunteered coach that played 70% of the time outdoors. (This meant scraping and flooding the ice and sharpening the skates.) He coached Lord Roberts’s baseball, working with the youth and ladies house league. His coaching path took him to devoting two years to the South End Chiefs organization. His energies were also freely given to being a founding member of the Lord Roberts Wildlife Association.
Ron’s last years were with the Fort Rouge Minor Hockey Association as a coach, vice president and two years as a president.
Ron particularly enjoyed coaching the South Division team in the Third Annual All-Star Midget game and to have the honour of selecting the Most Valuable players at the second and fourth All-Star Games.
Today, and in subsequent years, the M.V.P. will be presented with the trophy dedicated in memory of Mr. Ronald Carl Stamm.

Error in Hockey Winnipeg Team/Player Affiliations – Page 52 of Rule Book

Please be advised that there is an error contained in the Hockey Winnipeg Team/Player Affiliations for Male/Female “A Teams” chart on page 52 of our rule book.

The Chart should read as follows:

Team        Authorization for Affiliating  Teams that Players Can Affiliate From
Minor Atom A2 Division Director Minor Atom A3;  7/8 House League