Novice Half-Ice Development Manual

Hockey Winnipeg is pleased to post our brand new Novice Half-Ice Development Manual. The material included covers a variety of topics that relate to Novice hockey such as the benefits of using a smaller ice surface, athlete development literature, the new Novice hockey format, rule changes, advice for coaches and parents, and resources that will help coaches plan practices and deliver fun and competitive activities in the Development Zone.

Please feel free to familiarize yourself with the information in the Manual.

We hope that our material helps all coaches, players, administrators, and everyone else involved in Novice hockey have a successful upcoming hockey season. Remember – Novice hockey should serve as an avenue for children to be surrounded by positive experiences that will result in long-term involvement in sport and physical activity.




It is time for the 6th Annual Female Novice Jamboree.

It is time for the 6th Annual Novice Jamboree.

This is an event to show the girls how much fun female hockey is and to start their love of the game early.

Teams have been scheduled to play between 8am to 3pm on Remax at the Bell MTS Iceplex.

The teams will play 2 -25 minute half ice games. There will be no development zone for this event as we have 28 teams to participate throughout the day.  There will be four teams on the ice for the hour, with female players to ‘officiate’ in the fun!

Coaches will be on the benches, teams will be sharing the bench.

Each of your players will receive a t-shirt when they arrive.  As coaches, please check in at the desk to receive your tickets for your team pancake breakfast served all day.  Meals will be available for purchase by family members as well.


Looking forward to a fun filled day!


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